Laying in Hammock Hanged With MalloMe XL Hammock Straps

XL Hammock Straps + Suspension Kit

If you’re going to use your hammock, then you’ll need a set of hammock straps. Problem is, that if you were all too eager to get an affordable hammock and you bought the cheapest product you could find, you’d likely discover that no straps were included. This is something of a rookie mistake but don’t worry – we’ve all been there!

Fortunately, there is an easy solution which is just to order the hammock straps separately. We’ve already reviewed one set of straps and here is another great option that will be more than able to hang any of your hammocks – or even outdoor furniture.

What Makes it Different

As the letters ‘XL’ in the title denote, this is a rather large set of hammock tree straps that will fasten to any tree and keep your hammock suspended.

The extra room means you get a thicker strap for spreading more even pressure across the tree and avoiding damage to the bark. Meanwhile, the length is suitable for wrapping around the tree multiple times – up to 40 times to be precise!

Better yet, these straps are able to hold an incredible 2000+lbs. In case you’re struggling to put that into perspective, this is roughly 10x the weight that even the strongest hammocks can withstand, meaning that there’s absolutely no risk of you exceeding the maximum load and causing a problem.

Features And Benefits

These hammock straps are highly versatile and able to be used not only with hammocks then but also double hammocks, hanging garden furniture and anything else you have in mind.

And of course straps have all manner of other uses that might well come in handy while you’re out in the wilderness – whether you need to secure yourself to a tree (for whatever reason!) or repair a hole in your bag.

These straps are designed to be very simple and easy and the manufacturers claim that the process should take less than one minute with no need for complicated knots. The extra length means that you can hang between trees up to 25 foot apart!

The straps are the star of the show here but you will also get a set of carabiners for you to easily secure your straps in place with. There’s also an included bag which you can roll your straps up into and this makes them very small and light for easy transport.

This is a mistake some people make – your hammock might be ultralight but that won’t count for much unless the hammock straps are as well!


Reviews are overwhelmingly positive with over 1,232 ratings giving a 5 star average on Amazon. Customers love how easy they are to use, how versatile and adjustable they are and the length.

Our Rating

A couple of people mention that the bag is a little small for the straps, which can make packing them away difficult… but this is something that any true camper will already be very used to! Overall, this is another excellent option for your straps and the carabiners only sweeten the deal.

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