Top Reasons You Should Always Travel With a Hammock

Hammocks are often considered to be luxury items for the house. They are very in-vogue at the moment and a quick search on Pinterest will show you tons of examples of people using hammocks in their décor in creative ways.

But that’s not all hammocks are good for! Just as importantly, hammocks are survival tools that you can use to turn anywhere into a place to sleep for the night. This is ideal for people who like backpacking or hiking and are never sure where the next place to stop for shelter and rest will be.

This is what originally brought hammocks to the West too – as they were able to keep travellers off of the ground where they might otherwise be at the mercy of countless bugs and insects.

So hammocks are great for people who want to decorate their home with something comfortable and unique and they’re great for hikers and travellers. But I’m going to go one step further and argue that hammocks actually have a place in the backpack of any traveller.

Everyone should own a hammock and if you’re planning on going on any kind of trip, holiday or excursion, then you should pack one to bring with you.

Here’s why…

Hammocks Are Fun

Here’s one great reason to pack a hammock on any trip: they’re fun! Kids absolutely love staying in a hammock and having the option to set one up in the garden at your private villa, or while out on a walk is a great way to do something a bit different and create a memorable moment!

Get a two-person hammock meanwhile and you can create some wonderfully romantic evenings. How about having a picnic with your other half, while suspended over a babbling brook with mountains and beautiful views in the distance?

Hammocks Are Highly Portable

And why not bring a hammock along, even if it is just for fun? After all, if you get a portable hammock then you’ll find it can be folded down into a small ball and then inserted into a bag.

This is just the same as carrying a cagoule and in some cases will even fit into a pocket! When you have an item that brings so much to the table and it’s that small… why not just bring one along!

You Don’t Necessarily Need Trees

But what if you aren’t staying anywhere with trees? What if you’re just staying at a motel? Or if you’re hiking along mountains with not a tree in sight?

In that case, you’ll want to bring along a portable hammock stand. A hammock stand is a small piece of scaffolding that you can fold down and reconstruct and which will then allow you to hang your hammock anywhere.

All you need is just a tiny amount of space for your hammock and you’re good to go! And this can often be used to hang your hammock in a manner that is better suited for just sitting on too, rather than necessarily kicking back and going to sleep!

They Have Lots of Uses

The uses of hammocks go beyond just sleeping. While they are great for sleeping, they’re also good for just sitting and relaxing. Or how about turning a hammock into another bag for carrying things, into a sling, into a mat that you can sit on for a picnic?

What about using your hammock just to sit and watch the view? Hammocks have countless uses and bringing one along creates countless options no matter where you are or what you’re doing!

You Never Know What’s Around The Corner

Planning a trip where you’re going to be hiking from one hostel to the next, staying the night at each before doing more exploring? Got it all perfectly mapped out, with nothing that could go wrong?

The reality is that you can never be completely sure and just like you should always have insurance, you should always have contingency plans for any trip or holiday.

Having a hammock in your bag means that you’ll be able to quickly set it up and chill out no matter where you are. And that’s a great peace of mind when you realise you’re lost, or you’re too tired to keep going!

Even on a casual family holiday, a hammock can be a handy backup in case you can’t get into your hotel or your car breaks down. Expect the best, plan for the worst!