Top Reasons Why You Should Switch From a Tent to a Hammock

If you’re going exploring or you’re planning on visiting some scenic locale, chances are that you will be planning on bringing along a tent if you want to spend the night there. While this is a good way to keep dry and to keep your things safe from animals, it’s actually only one option and it may just be that there are better solutions out there for you.

So what’s the answer? One is to switch to a hammock instead of a tent, which you’ll find can be a big upgrade in a number of ways.

Now I know what you’re thinking: how can a hammock possibly replace a tent!? After all, a tent is an enclosed home whereas a hammock is nothing more than a length of material, tied to two trees.

Well, as it happens, hammocks have more going for them than meets the eye and they may just surprise you. Read on to find out why hammocks are a great choice and why you should consider them for your own trip over a tent…

They’re Light

Get yourself a portable hammock and you’ll have a place to sleep that can fold into a small ball and be stowed away in a backpack or even a pocket!

This is an incredibly light way to travel and if you compare it with a tent, then the difference is immediately apparent. A hammock will let you save a ton of space, travel very light and still have a great option for getting shut-eye.

Now just try fitting your tent into a pocket…

They’re Versatile

Here’s what you maybe didn’t know about a hammock – it’s not just going to be useful for sleeping on! Actually, hammocks have a wide range of different uses and can come in handy for a range of different applications.

Hurt your arm? Why not use your hammock as a sling to keep it elevated! Need to carry more items? Then you can turn a hammock into a makeshift bag and throw it over one shoulder! Want to hang your items somewhere? Once again, a hammock is a good solution and can keep your things high up!

It’s Comfier And in Some Ways Healthier

Sleeping in a tent means lying on uncomfortable ground, even if you have a roll mat between you and the earth. This means that you’re going to have lumps and bulges protruding into your spine and it also means that insects and bugs will be able to crawl in and onto your body.

Man Resting in Hammock

A hammock on the other hand is elevated above the ground. This means that you’ll be able to stay aloft, without touching anything on the floor and without getting wet or muddy potentially.

In fact, this is one of the reasons that hammocks were originally brought back to the West – they provided great health benefits and protected against harmful insects! Oh and of course this is also very comfortable as you literally feel like you’re sleeping on air!

It’s Cool

Let’s face it, sleeping in a hammock is just cool. Hammocks can be hung between any two anchor points and that means that you can sleep while suspended over a river or stream, or while looking out at spectacular views.

These benefits make your journey all the more incredible and memorable and make for some absolutely stunning pictures on Instagram. Imagine waking up and poking your head out to see a river running beneath you!

They Are More Protective Than You Think

But what if you’re staying somewhere cold and wet? Hammocks don’t provide shelter… right?

Wrong! A hammock actually can provide shelter if you get the right kind. What you’re looking for here is a ‘hammock tent’ which is essentially a suspended tent!

Otherwise, it’s possible to get quilted hammocks or ‘bat hammocks’ which basically envelop you completely and make you look like a fruit bat hanging upside down. These offer all of the dryness and warmth of a tent, while simultaneously giving you the benefits of a hammock.

They’re Quicker

Hammocks are super-fast to put up and very easy to hang once you get the knack. This is in stark contrast to using tents, which require you to spend ages clearing space and then inserting bendy rods and poles to try and keep the structure rigid!

Tying Hammock Strap to The Tree

So the hammock wins hands-down… any more questions?