Top Reasons Why You Should Sleep in a Hammock

If you have never slept in a hammock, then you are missing out on a fundamental experience that is at once fun and exciting while feeling just somehow… right and highly comfortable.

Unless you’re a backpacker, camper or just some strange hammock fanatic, chances are that you’ll never have given much thought to the idea of hammocking. In fact though, there are a ton of VERY compelling reasons to give it a try and even to consider swapping your bed for a hammock entirely!

Read on and we’ll look at some of these reasons and why you should consider sleeping in a hammock at least once and probably a lot more…

It’s Good For You

Yes, it’s official: sleeping in a hammock is good for you!

There are plenty of claims as to why this might be the case and unfortunately not a ton of science on the subject matter to back it up. However, many of the claims make logical sense and when you’ve tried it, you’ll be able to feel for yourself just how good it is.

Ultimately, sleeping in a hammock is like sleeping in the ideal memory foam. That is to say that the hammock will contort and form itself around you, thereby removing any pressure points. There will never be a spring digging into your spine and you won’t find yourself giving yourself a dead arm.

Instead, your whole body will be free to hang naturally and some people even claim that this can help to realign your internal organs! Okay, so there’s no scientific evidence for that one but what we can say based on the research is that sleeping in a hammock will actually provide you with a better night’s sleep and more deep sleep.

This leads to better restoration, so that when you wake up in the morning you will feel more awake and more alert. You can expect to have better concentration and focus and to find it easier to work and perform the next day… not bad!

It’s Primal

There’s also a kind of primal satisfaction to sleeping in hammocks – it’s just feels right. This is something you have to try for yourself to understand but it makes sense when you consider that our ancestors slept in hammocks for thousands of years.

And before we became the bipedal creatures we are today, we would always have slept in the trees! Along with the potential comfort advantage, this could be what contributes to that deeper sleep!

It Allows for Some Incredible Experiences

Sleeping in a hammock might make you think of a chilled out afternoon at a resort somewhere – and that’s great. But actually, sleeping in hammocks goes much beyond that and can create some incredible experiences if you’re willing to get creative.

Did you know you can get hammock tents for instance, that are essentially entire tents with attachments at either end for hanging between trees? These allow you to set-up what is very much like a small house floating in mid-air and allowing you to stay dry and keep your items safe – except up in the trees.

Camping Hammock With Tent

Now imagine suspending something like that across a stream or river. Now you can sleep with the sound of the babbling stream beneath you and then wake up to poke your head out and dip your feet in. What an incredible and rejuvenating way to get a refreshing night’s sleep and a highly exciting morning!

Or how about getting a two-person hammock and stringing it up near a cliff (a safe distance of course!). You could sit there with your partner, while being lit by a torch lantern and you could enjoy looking up the stars above you and the amazing view ahead.

These are amazing experiences that are only accomplishable using a hammock, so again – a very compelling reason to try sleeping in one!

It’s an Important Survival Skill

Another reason to get acquainted with hammocking is so that you can learn how to set up a hammock and sleep in one in case you ever have to.

Imagine that you’re lost in the middle of nowhere and you need a place to sleep: with a portable hammock in your bag you can turn any two trees into a bed and thereby get the rest you need in order to perform at your best!

But until you try sleeping in one, you won’t have any idea how to set them up or get a good night’s rest this way!