Maky Outdoors Hammock Hooks

Premium Heavy Duty Hammock Hanging Kit

You would be very surprised just how many hammocks you buy that don’t come with suspension straps or any way to hang them. This can lead to quite a disappointing moment when you open up your hammock and get ready to hang it, only to find out that there’s nothing to hang it with and you need to wait for another delivery before you can start enjoying it!

But never fear! Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to buy separate hammock straps, carabiners, hooks and more online. This particular review is for a basic set of heavy duty hammock hooks and carabiners that are suitable for use outdoors.

This will be a perfect solution for anyone who has a hammock and who wants to hang it in a stand of any kind and is very strong and durable, capable of holding up to 1,300lbs.

What Makes it Different

These hooks are designed specifically for hanging hammocks and for use with hammock stands. That means that you can hang your hammock in the garden or in a spare room, as long as you have a hammock stand and appropriate hammock to go in it.

Carabiners are metal loops that have a one-way clasp mechanism. These can be used to hook your hammock in place and that way you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that its firmly connected. Carabiners are incredibly sturdy and are also commonly used by rock climbers, as well as the fire brigade and military.

Benefits And Features

These carabiners in particular are built with a very strong and robust material. The screws themselves are also made from high quality carbon steel, galvanized zinc chromate. This means the connection will be able to support 1,300lbs when properly attached, or 650lbs for each screw and carabiner.

This is a far heavier load than most hammocks or hammock stands will be able to hold (this is usually around 4-600lbs), meaning that you can support multiple people with no concern. The included hanger means you can easily set this up in any spot around your garden and this is especially useful if seeing as you’ll only need to make a single hole in your wall to do so.

The product has a 5/5 star rating based on 62 customer reviews and is generally just a well-made set of carabiners.

Potential Drawbacks

The only potential drawbacks are that the carabiners included are not quite as versatile as Hangtite model we also reviewed. Check those out if you’re looking for something more portable.


These carabiners and the attachment are for people who intend on hanging their hammocks from their walls in the garden or from hammock stands. That said though, they can also serve a wide range of other uses depending on what you need them for!

Carabiners can also be useful for hanging hammocks in trees and while they aren’t required for use with tree straps, they can be a handy way to make setting your sleeping arrangements up that much quicker and easier.

Overall, something like this can create more options for your hammocks and allow you to enjoy them in the comfort of your own garden – where you can have your own music and your own food and drink!

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