Portable Parachute Nylon Fabric Travel Camping Hammock

This is a well designed nylon fabric camping hammock that can easily be folded down into a small bag that you can fit into any regular backpack or even a large pocket. It utilizes a smart design that makes it not only comfortable but also practical and easy to set up, while the looks also fit the bill thanks to the many different colors.

What Makes it Different

This hammock is very clearly aimed at hikers, campers and backpackers which is to say that it is a practical hammock for sleeping and travelling.

Tying Camping Hammock Strap

That means it’s nothing like the hammocks that you see so often in stores and resorts. The nylon fabric is much more comfortable than the rope that you often get for example and is perfectly light, easy to dry and comfortable to sleep in.

More importantly, there is no spreader bar, which enables the hammock to be wrapped up nice and small and which ensures that it will wrap easily around you and hold you in place. This makes the design almost impossible to fall out of, meaning you can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep and be confident that you won’t get hurt.

The other advantage of these hammocks is that they look great. This hammock in particular comes in a variety of different colors and you’ll look right at home hanging in any forest.

Features And Benefits

This hammock measures 275 x 140cm when fully extended which should be ample room for anyone. The nylon used is designed to be very resilient and along with the straps this can hold a weight up to 150kg – again more than enough for most people! It is also quick to dry and very easy to wash.

The package includes the OuterEQ hammock as well as various other tools and gear: 2 ropes, product instructions and loops for easy fastening. It also provides a pocket once the hammock is assembled, which is perfect for storing items you might want to reach while relaxing inside – whether that’s something to eat or drink, an eye-mask or something else entirely.

The hammock is very easy to assemble and hang. The two binding ropes simply need to be tied around your chosen trees or poles and rolling it back up is also incredibly easy. The bag is around 6’’ x 8’’ maximum and is highly convenient.

Potential Drawbacks

As with all these things, it’s important to check how much straps and any necessary carabiners are likely to cost on top and how much weight they will add – they often aren’t included.


Overall, this is an excellent product for anyone who is looking for a convenient, attractive and comfortable hammock. This product in particular is highly sturdy while also being comfortable and looking the part. With 4.5 stars out of five based on 925 reviews, Amazon’s customers seem to agree! And for the price, it’s very hard to beat!

So if you’re interested in taking up camping and you’d like to use this in your garden, on a hammock stand or on your next trip… this is a great place to start!

Note – this hammock also comes in a larger size for those who need it.

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