Top Tips For Perfect Hammock Camping

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Hammock camping is an ideal way to see the world and lets you travel incredibly lightly while at the same time enjoying some very restorative rest with some spectacular views.

But with all that said, there are definitely some ways you can either enhance or hinder the experience of hammock camping. This is a little different from camping normally and as such, there’s a lot that you can learn if you want to get it absolutely right.

Read on and we’ll take a look at some of the best ways to ensure that you get the very best rest and open up the most opportunities for enjoying your trip!

Try Hanging Your Legs Lower

While some reports claim that sleeping in a hammock is incredibly good for you, others suggest that it can be awkward for your back if you’re not used to it.

If you’re in the latter category and you find that sleeping in a hammock leaves you feeling stiff and painful the next morning, then you may want to consider hanging your legs slightly lower. This provides more support for your spine and some people find that it’s a better night’s rest as a result!

Rest Diagonally

If your plan is to rest in the hammock and not actually sleep, then the correct way to lie in it is at a slightly diagonal angle. This means that you won’t be in a straight line and instead, your head and legs will be in slightly different corners of the hammock.

Why? The simple answer is that this is an excellent way to keep the hammock a bit flatter, which in turn means you get more support and you can see over the edges more easily to enjoy the view. If you’re sleeping conversely, you’ll want to lie straight as this will allow you to get wrapped up inside the hammock and to thereby definitely not fall out of it.

Bring Rope

Rope is going to be your best friend for hammock camping and there are plenty of ways in which it can come in handy. For instance, if you find a gap between two trees that is just slightly too wide, then you can use rope in order to extend your hammock straps and reach between them.

Likewise, rope can be used to create a separate ‘line’ next to or above your hammock and this will then allow you to hang clothes, towels and all manner of other things.

Get a Hammock With Pockets

Choosing a hammock with pockets can be a great move if you want to get the very most from your sleeping experience. That’s because this will allow you to store things like drinks, food, first aid or even a book to reach into easily while you’re kicking back!

Man Laying in Camping Hammock With Pocket

Choose The Right Hammock For The Weather

Depending on the weather/climate where you’re going to be travelling, you should pick different types of hammock. For example, a hammock with a very breathable bottom is going to be best in a warm climate as this will give you some ventilation from underneath and keep you warmer.

A less breathable and more tightly woven fabric is going to be a better choice for cold weather however, as this will wrap you up and keep you warmer. You can even get quilted hammocks which are ideal for those really cold days and can also be very comfortable.

Think About The Environment

This is important: if you are going to be hammock camping then you need to try and work with nature and avoid leaving any sign that you have been. This means you should try to avoid leaving any litter of course but it also means that you should avoid damaging the trees and specifically the bark.

Make sure that you use a tree-friendly hammock strap which should look like a web or a net and will spread the pressure out across the surface so as not to dig in and cause any lasting cuts or grooves.

Get Creative With Hanging Places

There’s no reason that you can’t hang your hammock more creatively than just between any two trees. For instance, if you’re stuck for a second anchor point then you can always park your car nearby and use that!

Or how about doing something really inventive: like hanging your hammock over a river or stream? This can create some wonderfully memorable nights and amazing photos… so get inventive!

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