Pawleys Island Large DuraCord Rope Hammock

On this site we often review hammocks that are aimed at campers and others who like to travel and explore. That means our hammocks are all about practicality: comfort, portability, ease of cleaning and waterproofing. But that’s just one type of hammock and we are fully aware that other people reading this might have other designs for their hammock.

And for the kind of person who wants a decorative hammock to add to their garden, this is a great product. This is one of the more popular types of hammock currently on the market and it’s an ideal choice if you want something aesthetically pleasing to relax and have fun in!

What Makes it Different

This hammock features a rope construction, which makes it highly breathable and water resistant. You can forget worrying about rain, or about splashing water from the pool as it will simply run through the gaps in the rope harmlessly and leave no damage.

This means you can jump on it wet when you’re finished in the pool and it also gives the hammock that classic look that a lot of people consider synonymous with hammocks. Even if it’s not quite as comfortable!

Features And Benefits

The other feature that makes this very much a hammock for your garden and for chilling, is the inclusion of spreader bars. These are the two horizontal bars that go at either end of the hammock.

What these do is they spread the netting apart and thereby keep the hammock flat and taut. In turn, this makes it much more convenient for resting on when you’re not planning on sleeping. It’s not as good for sleeping because it won’t wrap around you but if you’re happy to just relax, then this is ideal.

Potential Drawbacks

The hammock measures 55 by 82 inches and has a length of 13 feet. It doesn’t come with straps, so you’ll need to buy those separately – or find a separate hammock stand to prop it up in your garden!

There’s a knack to sitting on these too: make sure that you sit on the hammock first and then pivot in order to lie back. Lying slightly diagonal is advised, which will help to keep the hammock flat. With a hammock stand or two trees and some straps though, it’s a brilliant option for decorating your home in a fun and very chic way.


So who and what is this hammock for?

Basically, this hammock is for those who just want something fun for around the pool that will look great and provide easy comfort. The flat design is great for kicking your feet up but not so good for sleeping – and of course this doesn’t fold into a ball so you won’t be able to take it camping.

And with 307 customer reviews on Amazon giving the product a total of 4.5 stars, it seems that it is a very popular choice all round. If you want a nice string hammock for your garden, you won’t go wrong!

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