HangTight Wiregate Carabiner – Aluminum Lightweight Binders

These carabiners are extremely lightweight while still being very strong and durable to keep your hammock aloft.

They come in a bright orange, which makes them easy to find in a stuffed bag and are very affordable for the quality of the materials used. But how do they stack up in every day use?

What Makes it Different

HangTight is a well-known brand of carabiner and this is a design that will be familiar for any rock climbers or other professionals/hobbyists who regularly use carabiners. These carabiners are chosen by many people for their strong hold and sturdy construction.

Meanwhile, they’re perfect for ultralight campers thanks to their light weight and bright orange color. This means you aren’t adding lots of bulk to your bag and you aren’t going to struggle finding them when light is low and you just want to hang your hammock so that you can go to bed!

Features And Benefits

These carabiners are not designed specifically for hammocks but they will do the job just as well as any others with their well-known durability and strength.

They are made from a very strong aluminium that despite the light weight will still offer more than a strong enough hold. Specifically, these can hold over 3,500 pounds of force despite weighing a mere 21 grams!

They’re also very small, being able to fit in the palm of your hand at just 3 1/8’’ long and 2’’ wide. They are only 1/8’’ deep. This makes them considerably more practical than other bulky carabiners which is why they’re a great choice for hikers and others. They can easily clip to your backpack or a keychain too when not in use.

The design is also smart in that it completely removes any sharp edges or anything you can use to trap your hand. This makes them much easier to use when you’re fiddling around in the dark and much less likely to cause damage to your belongings or to the inside of a bag.

Put it this way, I have rock climbed with these carabiners on numerous occasions and they have never let me down. When doing that, I am putting my life in their durability and grip – and I’m happy to do it every single time!

Potential Drawbacks

The only potential drawback here is that these carabiners are so small they can be easy to lose or drop – especially if you’re fumbling around in the dark!


The well-known strength and smart design of these carabiners is such that they have managed to achieve a five star rating out of 80 customer reviews. These are the reliable ‘go to’ carabiners for many people, regardless of their intended use.

This is also why they’re able to come with a 100% money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. If they ever fail then you’ll be able to return them and get your money back – but of course they never do.

Overall, these are the carabiners that we recommend to anyone planning on camping in a hammock and there is really nothing out there that will do a better job while taking up less space!

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