Why Getting a Hammock With a Mosquito Net is Always a Good Idea

If you’re getting a hammock with the intention of going camping, then looking for one that includes a mosquito net is always a good idea that can enhance your experience as well as keeping you safe.

Hammock camping is a great alternative to taking a tent on your travels. This will allow you to carry a lot less weight around with you, especially seeing as a portable hammock will normally fold into a small ball that can be easily stowed in a rucksack, suitcase or even a pocket.

Hammocks are also much cheaper, much quicker to install and actually a lot more fun. There’s some kind of primal pleasure to be had by sleeping with a feeling of complete weightlessness, in among the trees!

But the only problem that a hammock has when comparing it to a tent is that hammocks don’t come with any form of shelter. If it rains, or if you get a large number of mosquitos in the area, then a hammock won’t provide you with any protection.

Unless you choose a hammock with a mosquito net that is! And in this case, your hammock will have just taken one big step closer to being a full replacement for a tent.

How it Works

A hammock with a mosquito net is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a hammock like any other that has the ability to also protect you from mosquitos by pulling the netting over yourself. The precise way this works will vary from case to case though and depend on what type of hammock you buy initially.

Man Laying in Hammock With Mosquito Net

One option is to get a hammock with a mosquito net built-in. Some of the best designs based on this principle will use a separate line that runs along the top of the hammock at a good height and then dangles the net down and over you.

If these are high enough, then you won’t find yourself touching the netting or brushing against it which is a good way to ensure that you get a sounder night’s sleep.

The other way that some mosquito hammock designs work is to simply allow you to pull the netting over you, or to zip yourself in like you’re in a sleeping bag. This design isn’t quite so versatile or comfortable and it doesn’t give you the full benefit of being able to sit up inside your tent-like hammock.

Finally, you might also be able to find some hammock mosquito nets that come as a separate product you can attach to a hammock that you already own.

This option is great if you already have a hammock or if you already know the type of hammock that you want as they can be used with a variety of different models and designs – even hammocks for your garden that perhaps came with a hammock stand.

Best Mosquito Hammock Features

The very best hammocks with mosquito nets will also have a cover over the top, which will allow you to stay dry when it starts to rain. It’s hard to emphasize just how great a feeling it is to be hanging in the trees while zipped up in your own little cocoon, warm and dry despite the weather raging outside!

Laying in Camping Hammock With Mosquito Net

There are more things to look out for in a mosquito hammock too. For instance, you might find that you enjoy a hammock that comes with the ability to reverse it. In other words, some mosquito hammocks can be turned upside down, so that the mesh then hangs underneath the hammock instead of being on top of it.

This is a great way to use the hammock as now it will act like any regular hammock and let you sit and chat, even when you’re not sleeping.

Otherwise, mosquito hammocks can come with all the regular features you would expect from any other hammock, which includes the likes of pockets, the ability to fold your hammock down into a small pouch and store it in your bag or luggage.

This latter feature is a very useful thing to look for in any camping hammock (which most mosquito hammocks are likely to be) as that then means that you can easily take them with you when hiking or camping and thereby enjoy them wherever you are.

You can also get double mosquito hammocks and this is a great option if you want to sleep more than one person while still only having to carry one hammock with you. Double hammocks also take more weight, thereby providing more benefits.

To help you choose the best mosquito hammock, check out all of our reviews here. As well as reviewing hammocks with nets, we’ve also reviewed double hammocks, portable hammocks and much more.

Making The Most of a Mosquito Hammock With Net

Whether you buy a mosquito hammock with a net or you buy a mosquito net for your current hammock, you’ll find that it’s a great way to keep the bugs away so that you can enjoy a more restful sleep and avoid waking up in the morning covered in bites.

Laying in Camping Hammock With Mosquito Net

But while this is true, it’s also pertinent to protect yourself in other ways too. Always bring a bug spray with you and don’t rely purely on the net for protection. Another good tip is to make sure that you don’t bring food into the hammock with you over night.

Any food or rubbish that you do leave, make sure that it is fully sealed so that the smell won’t attract bugs and pests. This is also a good idea to help you avoid attracting any larger critters which might give you a much bigger and more serious bite as well!

For more camping safety tips and general advice on getting the very most from your hammocks, make sure to check out the rest of the site where we have plenty of great information.