Hammocks Tied With Nature's Hangout Straps Between Trees

Hammock Straps – Extra Long And Heavy Duty

Very often, buying a hammock does not mean that you will definitely receive hammock straps too. This means you can find yourself with a great, comfortable looking hammock that you’re dying to use… and no way to actually use it!

This is why it’s always important to check whether or not hammock straps are included with your product – and if they are not, then you can use a product such as this one in order to purchase them. There are numerous options available when you are looking for hammock straps but this product is a great candidate that should satisfy any and all of your needs.

What Makes it Different

While there are many different hammock straps available, these particular straps have a number of things going for them. For starters, these straps are made with an extra strong, extra-long design that ensures you can use them in wide gaps and without worrying that your hammock might break.

This makes them suitable for handling two person hammocks and even hammocks designed to sleep even more people.

Specifically, these straps are capable of supporting weights up to 2,000lbs – which is likely much more than you and all of your friends combined!

The length of these straps is meanwhile also a very useful feature, as it ensures that you have more options when it comes to finding a gap between trees – with longer straps, you can use a wider gap, meaning you won’t be hunting as long for two suitable anchor points when really you just want to go to bed!

Features And Benefits

These longer straps are also stretch resistance, which means that they won’t sag when you place a heavy load on them. And they’re designed for very easy sealing with a simple snap into place – no reason to learn complicated knots.

Best of all, the straps will roll tightly into a neat ball that you can keep in a bag for easy carrying. This makes them particularly well suited to the ultralight camper and especially when you combine them with light carabiners and other hammocking gear.

It’s an all-too common mistake to order a hammock that’s very small and easy to carry and then to have to buy lots of bulky straps and heavy carabiners etc. which will then massively increase your load!


The reviews for this product are great, with five stars on average over 1,532 ratings on Amazon!

Our Rating

For all these reasons, we can highly recommend these hammock straps and we consider them one of the best options currently on the market for securing your hammock into place. They also look the part too and don’t cost too much.

So if you’re looking for a quick way to strap up your hammock this might just be the choice for you. Not a fan? Then check out the slightly more affordable XL hammock straps from MalloMe here.