Hammock Sky Brazilian Two Person Hammock

If you’re looking for a hammock that will be perfect for your backyard or for indoor use, then we highly recommend this hammock from Hammock Sky. This is a Brazilian style hammock that looks as good as it feels and that can provide you with an amazing place to rest or even to get a full and deep night’s sleep!

What Makes it Different

Hammock Sky promises that this hammock will provide you with a ‘cocoon of weightlessness’ and if that appeals, then you’re sure to like what the company has come up with here.

The hammock is designed using the precise same style as that seen in Northeastern Brazil and is nothing like the rigid and uncomfortable hammocks that you might have encountered at holiday resorts or in stores.

That means no rope and no rigid spreader bars that prevent the hammock from having any give. This is a comfortable and malleable sheet of fabric that is soft against the skin and practically impossible to fall out of – so you can just spread out and relax.

The hammock is designed to take up to two people. It’s a perfect place to sleep for just one person and the extra room means you can lie in it lengthways or across and generally spread yourself out however you wish.

But it’s also a fun place to lie with a friend or a partner – a hammock can be a fun way to relax when you have visitors or it can be a romantic way to unwind in an evening under the stars.

The hammock is also designed to be great quality and uses the best stitching and proven techniques to ensure that it won’t wear out over time. This is a luxury item for any home or garden and it will really feel it when you climb in.

Features And Benefits

In case you can’t tell, we love this hammock thanks to its excellent comfort and great material. It comes in three colors but we think that the white is the most inviting and the most attractive for adding to your home.

The weight capacity is 475 lbs which is more than enough for most users and the material is made from 65% cotton and 35% cotton. The hanging distance is a large 12 feet and you’ll find that the size increases slightly over time and with use.

Potential Drawbacks

This hammock is not a choice intended for those going hiking and if you want something portable, you’ll need something smaller.


This product has 4.7 stars on Amazon based on 805 reviews, which is a very positive score and a great testament to how well made and designed the hammock is. We agree with those reviews and found it to be a very comfortable place to sleep and ideal for adding to a porch or to a spare room.

Our Rating

It’s also very good for those with a bad back and one of the best options for sleeping around the home. You’ll need to find anchor points of some sort too to use it but it folds neatly into a bag so it can be taken on holidays and trips or moved around the house.

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