Get This Hammock Gear to Make The Very Most of Your Hammocks

What’s better than having a comfortable hammock to kick back and relax in?

Simple: having a comfortable hammock to kick back in, as well as all the additional tools and equipment you need to make the very most of it. This post is going to show you the additional purchases you can make to tool yourself out and really start getting the most from your hammock. You’ll be safer, more comfortable and more stylish in your hammocks as a result!

So without further ado…

The Very Best Hammock Gear for Better Sleeping And Relaxing

Mosquito Net

One great thing to look for is a hammock with a mosquito net. This is a pretty simple premise and does very much what it says on the tin. A hammock with a mosquito net will give you protection from bugs and help you to keep out mozies that might otherwise bite you and potentially even pass on a nasty disease.

Girl Laying in Hammock With Mosquito Net

The big benefit of hammocks dating back was that they lifted sleepers off of the ground, thereby preventing them from potentially getting bitten by ants or other earth-bound critters. Of course bugs that fly are still a threat though and that’s why a mosquito net is a great choice.

These come in a range of designs, with some being almost like tents and giving you your own canopy and others simply allowing you to pull the net over your head. Either way, this is a must for warmer climates and can lead to a better night’s sleep in any other. It’s also a good way to enjoy your orange juice in peace without being pestered by wasps!

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Hammock Underquilt

A hammock underquilt is basically a quilt that lies along the bottom of a hammock. This is very important for cooler weather and could be considered a ‘must have’ in fact for those who intend to use their hamocking seriously and do it while hiking or camping.

Laying in Hammock With Underquilt

The problem with a lot of hammocks is that they allow some draft to come from underneath you. This is a particularly big problem with more loosely woven hammocks because they will be more ventilated, meaning that more cool air can blow up from underneath.

Lying a quilt down can remove this problem, while at the same time helping to keep you that much more comfortable!

The other great thing about a hammock underquilt though is that it can be removed. That way, when the weather is a little warmer, you can simply remove it and enjoy all that cool air to prevent you from lying in a pool of your own sweat!


Look, if you’re going to have a hammock underquilt, then it only stands to reason that you might want to add a blanket too. And while you’re at it, why not a pillow? You can get an inflatable pillow if you want to keep your bag light and this will then allow you to get a more comfortable head rest wherever you are.

Man Laying in Hammock With Blanket

A lot of people think they need to keep their hamocks as authentic as possible by lying on nothing but rope and feeling that cold air come from underneath. But in reality, why bother? Who are you trying to impress? Use the hammock however makes you most comfortable!

Hammock Straps

A hammock is only as good as its hammock straps! These are basically straps that you use to attach your hammocks to the anchor points – normally trees – and that thereby allow you to hang the hammock at all.

The length of the hammock straps will determine the gap you can use and at the same time, the amount of weight that your hammock can hold! Remember, a hammock is only as strong as its weakest point!

Tying Camping Hammock Strap

That alone is enough reason to invest in a good set of hammock straps but you should also look into making sure that the hammock straps will be suitable for use around trees.

Look for hammock tree straps specifically and ideally these should use a kind of webbed material or netting that will spread the pressure over a wider surface area in order to place less force on the tree trunk and avoid cutting into it.

This is an important consideration for anyone who is cautious about the environment as otherwise you’ll leave a wake of damaged trees!

Having spare hammock straps is a good idea too!


Most hammock straps will be easiest to tie if you have hammock hooks as well. Hammock hooks are usually S-hooks, which are hooks in an S shape. These can easily loop underneath two pieces of rope and will then hold them together, which is perfect for your hammock.

They’re easy to use and also very portable, which makes them a great choice if you’re using portable hammocks for hiking and/or camping.

Hammock Strap S Hook

Another thing to look for is hammock carabiners. Carabiners are small metal loops that only open one way, which makes them very useful for carrying heavy loads without any risk of them popping open. These are most often used by rock climbers but they are also an important part of hammock suspension!

Can you hang your hammock straps without hammock hooks and carabiners? Of course you can! But for easier and safer hammock suspension, they’re definitely a worthwhile investment and something you should consider buying.

Hammock Stands

A hammock stand is a stand that can hold up your hammock… simple!

Wooden Hammock Stand on Grass

Now normally, when you think of a hammock stand you might imagine the kinds of hammocks you get at holiday resorts. These are things that stand freely and are made from attractive wood. They come in a range of sizes and shapes but are not particular portable or light… right?

Well yes, in many cases! But a hammock stand can also be portable and that means they’ll be able to fold down and be stored in any kind of bag. Sometimes they can be small enough to carry around!

The most basic hammock stands are simply sticks that you can drive into the ground and then use as an anchor point. In other cases, they’re entire collapsible structures. Either way, the advantage here is that you can then use them in order to erect a hammock where you perhaps don’t have any trees or other natural anchor points. And they look cool too!

We have written a whole lot about hammock stands and reviewed a bunch too – so check out the link!

Adjustable Ridgelines

An adjustable ridgeline is essentially piece of rope that attaches to either end of your hammock and then runs over the top of you and to the side. This has a number of different advantages.

For one, it will pull the top of the hammock and the hammock straps toward one another, creating a more taut surface for sleeping on and making it easier to set your hammock up even where the conditions aren’t optimal.

Yellow Ajustable Ridgeline

At the same time though, your ridgeline can make it much easier to climb into the hammock because you can hold onto it as you do. It can even be used as a great way to hang clothes and other items that you might want to use during the night.

All in all, it’s a perfect way to get more from your hammock and it’s very cheap and easy to use. So definitely look for adjustable ridgelines!


Some hammocks will come with a built in roof of sorts and this is a great way to be able to keep yourself dry while still enjoying the benefits of a hammock. Some hammocks are practically full-blown tents that are suspended by two anchor points!

Hammock Canopy on Hammock Stand

But if you didn’t happen to go for one of these types of hammocks to begin with, then you can always buy a separate canopy and hang it over the top of your hammock! This way you can add more weather protection and enjoy staying in your hammock all the more!


Rope is a pretty simple example of hammock gear. There’s nothing fancy here! But nevertheless, it’s still incredibly useful.

For starters, you can use rope as a makeshift adjustable ridgeline – all you need to do is tie it from one end to the other. At the same time, a rope can be used to extend the length of your hammock straps, or it can be used to make repairs to your hammock and to other things.

And it can be fun too – why not make a rope swing, or use your rope to create an alternate way to enter your hammock?

This is not a comprehensive list of course. There are many more examples of hammock gear and items you can get to make more from your hammocking. Check out our reviews section for some excellent examples.