Why You Should Choose a Double Hammock

Planning on going hammock camping? Then it’s probably a fair bet to assume you’ll be in the market for a hammock!

And in that case, you’re going to have several different requirements for your purchase and a number of criteria to look out for. The aim is not only to get a hammock that will do the job, but to get a hammock that will make the trip as fun as possible and the sleep as comfortable as it can be too.

And to satisfy all of those criteria, there are few better options than a double hammock! Let’s take a look at why that is…

Carry Less

The first reason to choose a double hammock is simple: it can allow you to sleep more than one person. In reality, very few of us are likely to go trekking through the woods on our own and that means we’ll probably want to take at least one friend.

And that means that by using a double hammock, you can then carry less while sleeping more people. It’s like having a bunkbed in a spare room – you can now have two guests round at the same time in the same amount of space!


Of course if you’re going on a two person hike with your significant other, then this creates another great reason to take a double hammock… romance!

Sleeping in a hammock can actually be a surprisingly romantic experience, as you can situate yourself suspended over a little stream, or somewhere with a spectacular view. You can look up at the stars while you drift off and generally it’s a great way to unwind and enjoy yourself.

So why not take it one step further and share that moment with someone else? Imagine snuggling into your hammock, with an arm around your partner and looking up at the stars above. You can even turn on a torch lantern for light or get a sheltered hammock if you’re worried about rain. It’s perfect romance!


There’s another practical reason to get a double hammock too – which is that you can erect it far more quickly than you would be able to set up two individual hammocks.

This then means that you can get to sleep a lot faster than you otherwise would have and avoid fiddling around in the dark for so long. Far from being the more fun option that sacrifices practicality, a double hammock is actually the more practical choice in a number of ways!


Double hammocks are incredibly strong. This therefore means that they can be used for all manner of things and have advantages that go beyond simply allowing you to sleep two people.

For example, you can use your double hammock in order to sleep next to a number of items, or just to store items while you do other things. Double hammocks can also be a great choice for sitting on, allowing two or even more people to sit in a row while enjoying their sandwiches.


If you sleep with another person in a double hammock, then you have the considerable advantage of having their body heat to keep you warm. If you’re travelling somewhere with a warmer climate, then this can make all of the difference and help to keep you warm and toasty while you drift off.

At the same time, you can also enjoy the comfort of a double hammock on your own – seeing as you’ll have much more space, you’ll actually be able to spread out more. This makes it particularly good for when you’re chilling out and not sleeping – but it’s fine for sleeping in too!


A double hammock is not that much more expensive than a single hammock. What this therefore means, is that you can buy a few double hammocks in order to cater to a large group and save yourself money.

And you might not always need it. Sometimes you will prefer to camp on your own, or perhaps you’ll be trekking without anyone else. But in these cases, you can still use a double hammock and it won’t take up that much more space, or be that much more expensive.

Yet it will have more advantages in terms of resting other items, or just using in a myriad of other ways.

It’s a double hammock when you need one and provides other benefits when you use it as a single… so there’s really no reason not to consider this option!

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