Double Hammock From Legit Camping

A double hammock is often actually the best choice of hammock if you can only afford one. The simple reason for this is that it allows you to sleep twice as many people – and seeing as most of us will travel in groups, that means that you can carry half the number of hammocks and spend half the money!

What’s more, is that even when there’s only one of you, a double hammock is stronger and can support more weight, therefore allowing you to sleep with your items up there with you, or allowing you to use the hammock for a range of other applications (like just holding your rucksack while you eat – even if it’s very heavy!).

This double hammock from Legit Camping is a particularly good choice thanks to the great make and numerous additional features and bonuses that make it a great hammock.

What Makes it Different

This is a very tough hammock made from parachute nylon and featuring the quality that Legit Camping is well known for. That means it won’t tear and it means that it won’t deteriorate over time. You can buy this hammock and rest assured that it’s going to stand up to lots of repeat use and never let you down just when you need it.

What’s more is that it has been designed with a very simple and easy set-up in mind. The company calls this ‘wrap, snap and swing’ and all you need to do is wrap the included straps around the tree and then snap them into place.

Features And benefits

Ultimately, if you’re going to look for a no-name brand and choose the cheapest hammock you can possibly find, then you’re likely to find the straps aren’t included, or that the material tears easily. When you choose Legit Camping, you’re getting quality you can rely on. But thanks to lots of deals and special offers, it’s still very affordable.

Ensuring that excellent build quality and durability is a particularly high quality fabric. This is 210T military grade parachute fabric, which ensures your sleep will be safe and sound. And because of this, the company is able to offer a lifetime warranty, so if your hammock breaks down at any point or you just decide you don’t like it, you can return it for a full refund!

The hammock is able to carry up to 400lbs and this is enough to easily carry two people. The package also comes with a number of extra hardware including carabiners, nylon straps and more. It’s a complete package and very solid choice.

Thanks to all this quality, the product currently has 5 stars out of 690 customer reviews, which is an excellent testimony to its quality.

Potential Drawbacks

With all that said, if you already have your straps and you don’t need something that will stand up to repeat punishment then there are cheaper options out there.


So if you’re looking for a reliable purchase for a double hammock, look no further!

Our Rating

This one comes highly recommended by us and by all of Amazon’s customers.

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