Double And Single Camping Hammocks, Ultralight Portable Nylon Parachute

Hammocks don’t have to be expensive to be effective and few products demonstrate this fact more ably than the double and single camping hammock we’re looking at here. For a very affordable price, this hammock is highly versatile and will fulfil a wide number of different rolls.

What’s more is that it is made from a high quality, super strong material and it’s designed to be very practical and convenient to use. Let’s take a closer look at this hammock and why we recommend it as one of the best currently on Amazon.

What Makes it Different

This hammock has a very cheap and cheerful price tag but despite that, it still offers the kind of quality and durable construction that you might expect from a more expensive purchase.

What’s especially impressive here is just how strong this hammock is: able to hold up to 600lbs. Even some of the more expensive two-person hammocks will only be able to hold 400lbs or 500lbs at a push, so this is impressive for such an affordable product.

What’s more, is that the nylon parachute material is thick and soft to touch and provides a particularly good night’s sleep. This also makes it great for using in a variety of other ways.

Of course it’s primarily a hammock and that’s what it does best but you can also use this as a ground mat – which means you can lie a sleeping bag on it and protect yourself from the discomfort of the ground underneath.

The strong material also means this can be hung like a swing chair, or can be used to carry items in like a sling. Some people will even use this hammock as a yoga mat for exercises and stretching!

Features And Benefits

Being a double hammock also makes this very useful, as you’ll be able to carry a single hammock to let more than one person have a place to sleep. That also means the hammock is stronger than a regular one-person hammock and larger. That means you can spread out in it more, or use it to hold other items as well as your own weight.

But because it’s also intended as a single person hammock, that means you won’t find it uncomfortable when there’s only one of you. It folds into a small bag and has a pocket on the side for storing your items within easy reach.

This hammock is 270cm long and 140cm wide. It weighs only 17oz for easy travel and comes with a one-year warranty. There are 504 customer reviews on Amazon, averaging 5/5 stars.

Potential Drawbacks

The only thing to be aware of when buying hammocks like this is that they often won’t come with all the tree straps etc. needed to hang. Consider this when comparing prices and looking at weights.


Overall, this is a fantastic product. It’s one of the most versatile hammocks on the market made from a very durable material and with a number of convenient features.

Our Rating

Despite all that, it manages to be incredibly affordable and still fold down to a very small and light ball. It has everything going for it, so why not try it out?

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