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The Complete Hammock Camping Gear List

Going hammock camping is an excellent way to travel ultralight. Hammocks are a fantastic alternative to tents that are much comfier, actually significantly safer and better for your health (because you are raised weightless above the ground) and all while being much more affordable and easier to carry around.

For all these reasons, it’s hard to think why more people don’t use hammocks rather than tents! Of course the reason for this is that many people don’t realize just how versatile hammocks are when it comes to camping, or just how well they can replace the function of a tent.

They might not realise – for example – that a hammock can sometimes come with a canopy to keep them dry in the rain. Or that they can buy a separate mosquito net to wrap around themselves and stay safe from bugs and bites.

With all that in mind, this is a complete hammock camping gear list to help ensure that you have everything you need to enjoy camping in your hammock as much as possible and to stay safe and healthy at the same. This hammock camping gear list will help you to upgrade your hammock as much as possible and also stay warm, dry, safe and comfortable…

Hammock Accessories

These hammock accessories are for upgrading your hammock itself and getting even more use out of it. For example:

Mosquito Net

Adding a mosquito net to your hammock will help to keep out the mosquitos and bugs so that you don’t wake up in the morning covered in bites and potentially even getting ill.

Man Sitting in Camping Hammock

The best mosquito nets will give you plenty of space inside and make it feel as though you’re actually sleeping in a little cocoon. They can also protect you from the weather to some extent! Check out our review of what we think is the best mosquito net here.

Adjustable Ridgeline

This is a piece of rope that attached across the top of your hammock. What this then does is to allow you to climb into your hammock more easily by holding onto the rope. At the same time, it will also hold the material of the hammock more taut and it will give you somewhere to hang clothes and other items you’d like to reach!


Some hammocks come with pockets and often this is a clever design that enables the carry bag itself to hang off the side for easy storage of small items. However, you can also buy separate pockets as individual hammock accessories and use these to store all manner of things like torches or even snacks! Remember to keep sweet smelling foods covered up though (check our guide to camping safety tips for more).

Straps And Suspension Kit

The most important hammock equipment is the hardware you will use to hang your hammock. This will include hammock straps, which should be long and also tree-friendly. It also includes carabiners, s-hooks and anything else that can help you to more easily tie your straps around the chosen anchor points.

In other cases, your hammock equipment might be used in order to hang your hammock outdoors in your garden. In this case, it might include a nail and a hook, or perhaps carabiners for hanging on a hammock stand. We’ve reviewed two sets of carabiners, both of which are very effective at holding huge amounts of weight without taking up too much space in your bag!

Hammock Stands

And of course another important hammock accessory is your hammock stand. You can use a hammock stand to set up a permanent hammock in the garden or in a spare room, or you can use a portable hammock stand in order to fold it down and store easily when not in use. These can even be taken with you on a holiday or camping trip so that you don’t need to rely on having two nearby anchor points.

Wood Hammock Stand on Grass

Check out our favorite hammock stand review.


An underquilt is something that you use to make your hammock much warmer. The one we reviewed makes your hammock into a bed suitable for four seasons – meaning you can enjoy it in any climate.

Other Handy Items

You can check out our all important checklist of camping items or for the short version, read on…


A torch is a must-have item and the one we recommend is a torch lantern. This is a simple torch except that the body telescopes to reveal a translucent middle section. This has the light in it, meaning that if you stand the torch on its end, it will then become a lamp you can read by or work by!


Rope comes in very handy for extending the length of hammock straps but it also has a plethora of other uses from being able to fix broken items to being used as a makeshift ridgeline.

Blue And Yellow Rope Knot

Masking Tape

Speaking of fixing things, what’s even more important is to have some masking tape to hand. This can fix all kinds of things and even be used to help make your hammock straps even tighter!

Satellite Phone

This is crucial for adding to your hammock supplies or for any camping supplies. A satellite phone basically gives you network coverage pretty much anywhere in the world – even up a mountain. Bring this with you, don’t use the charge and rest assured that you’ll always be able to call for help should you need it!

First Aid Kit

Never head out on any kind of excursion or trip without one of these!

Microfiber Towel

A personal favorite, the microfiber towel is a towel made of a thin and very light material. It can be wrapped into a light ball and then slung into a backpack, or it can be dried out in mere minutes thanks to its thin material.

Stack of Colorful Microfiber Towels

Final Word

Of course there are many other important things to bring on your next hammock camping trip, so let us know if we forgot any crucial ones in the comments below!

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