What is The Very Best Hammock Ever

We’ve talked a lot about hammocks on this site and recommended a large number of different hammock products as well (just see our extensive reviews section!). But you may still find yourself with one pressing question…

What is the very best hammock?

Of course this is not a straightforward question to answer, as the best hammock is going to depend very much on your personal preferences as well as your intended use. If we wanted to cop out of the question, we could say that the best hammock is the one that you feel most comfortable in!

But we don’t like cop-outs here, so if we were going to answer the question properly, what would we say instead…?

Let’s compromise and take a look at what the best hammock is for each circumstance and then what the best hammock accessories and extras are that you can use to upgrade your hammock with!

The Best Hammock For Every Situation

For Sleeping…

If you’re planning on using your hammock for sleeping, then what you need is a hammock that doesn’t have spreader bars. Spreader bars are bars that go at either end of your hammock in order to keep it flat and stretched out. This is a useful feature if you want your hammock to look impressive and if you want it to be useful for sitting up and chatting.

But if you want to sleep, then you don’t want a spreader bar because it’s going to make it easy for the hammock for spin or for you to roll off! Instead, you want a hammock that will envelop you and wrap around you as you dip into the middle.

And in that case, any hammock that is hand woven and that simply ties at the ends will be a good choice. A good example is the Mexican hammock or the Nicaraguan hammock. We discussed these in our large guide to hammocks. These are traditional hammocks, which were used for sleeping and which are optimally designed for that as a result!

For Camping

This might involve some cross over with the sleeping hammock but when camping there are a few additional requirements to look for in the best hammock. That is to say that you need a hammock that will be both portable and very strong.

Man Laying in Camping Hammock With Pocket

Thus, the best camping hammock will be one that is able to take a large amount of weight and that can be stowed away. Many of the camping hammocks we’ve reviewed are strong enough to take hundreds of pounds of weight and will fold down into small balls that could even be stored in a large pocket!

Parachute nylon is a good material and you should check out our article if you want to know why we recommend double hammocks nearly all of the time!

For Around The Home

While the most common hammock type to find around the home is probably the rope hammock with spreader bars, we still don’t think this is probably the best choice.

Instead of using bars to keep the hammock flat while relaxing, you should simply lie at a more diagonal angle, even kicking one leg over the edge in order to make sure you can see everything around you!

We recommend a hammock with a hammock stand then, but ideally a folding hammock stand, so that you can put it away and get it out. This will make it easy to hang out outside or to hang out indoors!

And if the hammock is designed like the sleeping hammocks we mentioned earlier, then you’ll be able to sleep in it or have guests rest too. Once again, double hammocks are a great choice because you can have friends sitting in it together and create a social atmosphere!

The Best Hammock Accessories

With all that in mind, you can then further improve on your hammocks by looking into the best hammock accessories. There are lots of useful tools, gear and accessories out there that you can use to upgrade a hammock and any of these things should be considered if you want to really have the best hammock experience!


We recommend the HangTight Wiregate carabiners for your hammock carabiners, simply because they’re incredibly strong while also being very light and very easy to use. They’ll add barely any weight at all to your haul but they will never break on you – and that’s why many people feel confident carrying them on climbing trips and the likes! Check out our full review here.

Tree Straps

Also very useful are the right tree straps. We recommended these XL tree straps because they provide plenty of length and width and won’t cause excessive damage to the tree you’re anchoring too. What’s more, these tree straps are also anti-stretch and they come with extra carabiners. You can’t say fairer!

Hammock Stand

We like this hammock stand from best choice. Why? Because it has a small profile and can be easily taken apart and put back together with no need for tools! Just stow it away and then get it back out when you want to entertain guests.

Mosquito Net

If your hammock didn’t come with a mosquito net, then adding one is a great way to get more out of it and to feel safer and more cosy inside. We recommend the mosquito net from Eagles Nest (review here) which is portable, light and easily able to fit around most hammocks.

Of course this is all still a matter of opinion and you might find that your favorites are different. Let us know what you think the best hammock is in the comments below and recommend any of your other favorite products!

And if you want more of our recommendations and advice, be sure to check the rest of the site and to read through our extensive list of products reviews covering everything from hammock stands to underquilts!