Four Girls Laying in Bear Butt Camping Hammock

Bear Butt Double Parachute Camping Hammock

This is a double hammock made from parachute nylon that offers maximum size and durability at a surprisingly affordable price!

If you’re looking for a double hammock that can handle all kinds of weight, then the Bear Butt is for you!

What Makes it Different

So why bear butt?

Well, according to the description, this double hammock is large enough and strong enough that it could potentially hold an entire grizzly bear! The company behind it is a small start-up (called bear butt) and obviously it’s the kind of fun little business that likes to inject some personality into its products!

Despite this, the hammock is able to collapse into a small and portable bag that can easily be stowed in a bag or even in a large pocket.

Who is this product for? Other than bears, Bear Butt says that this is a great option for: college students, hipsters, non-hipsters, grandmas, campers, average Joes and average Josephines!

Features And Benefits

To support these claims, the hammock is able to hold up to 500lbs and is 10’x6’. The company claims this is enough to hold two people comfortably (‘not business class comfortable but first class comfortably’) and when rolled up it will weigh just 1 pound.

When you consider all these factors, you will find you have a very impressive product overall. To go from such a large and strong hammock to such a small and portable bag is no mean feat and this is a very good option for anyone who wants a double hammock!

The hammock also comes in a selection of different colors including red, blue and yellow.

Potential Drawbacks

With all that said, this isn’t the most budget option on the market and you do get the impression that you’re somewhat paying for the name. But it’s going to a good start-up and you’re getting reliable quality and strength for that, so it’s likely a worthwhile trade-off.


If you want a double hammock that’s portable and you like the sounds of supporting a small company with a great attitude, the Bear Butt is a great option. And this is something that all the reviews seem to agree with too. This product has a rare 5 star rating out of 820 customer reviews on Amazon, which is very impressive!

So who is this really for? Well, a double hammock is actually a great choice for anyone and especially when it’s this affordable. Most people will go travelling with at least one friend and if you choose a double hammock over two singles, then you can benefit from carrying less and spending less. Why have two hammocks when one will do the job?

And even if you sleep alone, a double hammock will give you more space, more durability and a lot more options over a single.

Note that the company suggests students and hipsters for this hammock! That’s because this is a perfect option for anyone wanting to relax with friends while watching a movie, or to kick back with a significant other.

If you have the space in your home, then this is an affordable, fun and very chic way to enjoy relaxing with company. Overall, a great purchase for anyone interested in hammocks!

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