Vivere Double Hammock : Expectations vs. Reality


Vivere Double Hammock is a beautiful hammock that comes complete with a simple stand that you can fit anywhere around your home or garden. This is a great choice for anyone just getting started with hammocks as it can provide solutions to a range of different problems and provide multiple different roles depending on what you need it for. Read on to see what it is about this attractive hammock that makes it so versatile and such a great choice.

What Makes it Different

This package includes both the hammock itself, a carrying case and the metal frame which can be assembled in minutes.

 What this means is that you can use the hammock as a place to sleep around the hoes, as an addition to your home décor or as a camping hammock to take with you on the go – with or without the stand!

The hammock itself is actually a double hammock, meaning that it can accommodate two adults if necessary weighing up to 450lbs. This means that two of you can relax together (great for a romantic evening!) and it means that if you’re going travelling, you need only take the one hammock rather than packing two for two people!

Features And Benefits of Vivere Double Hammock

At home meanwhile, you can use the handy space-saving stand in order to erect your hammock in any room of the house. This can be a fun alternative to a bed for you to rest in every night, or it can be a great option for guests. Because the stand can easily be deconstructed in just a few minutes (no tools required), this means that you can also use it in a spare room without taking up any space. Pack it away when not in use and then get it out when you want to offer someone a place to stay, or when you fancy sleeping somewhere a bit different or having a fun romantic night with your partner.

Kids also love hammocks and this is an ideal option for children! Better yet, the product also comes with a carry case, which can fit both the hammock itself and the stand. This means you can take it to the beach and quickly erect it to create a comfortable seat to relax in with a cold drink. But because the hammock sleeps two, you can also use it as a seat for a friend and you to unwind while enjoying a barbeque!

Potential Drawbacks

Note that this is not a particularly cheap option if you just want an easy hammock and there are more affordable choices out there. It’s also rather large being both a double hammock and including a large stand.


Because the hammock can detach from the frame, it can be used as a regular hammock. Because the frame is portable and small, it can be brought with you if you like. And because it seats two people, it creates a whole range of additional potential uses. In short, this is an amazing purchase and if you only get one Vivere Double Hammock, it might as well be this one. It comes with our full recommendation and seeing as it has 4.5 stars out of 3,291 reviews, it seems that we’re not alone in that view!