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How to Have a Truly Romantic Evening in a Double Hammock

A double hammock is exactly what it sounds like: a hammock that is twice as large and therefore able to sleep two people simultaneously. The great thing about this, is that it means you can reduce the amount that you need to carry around and set up.

Most of us if we are going trekking or camping will not want to travel alone, meaning we’ll probably have someone else in tow. In turn, this means that we’ll need to find a way to sleep two people – which we often assume means bringing along two separate hammocks.

Couple Laying on Cotton Double Hammock

But this means carrying twice as much when you could just bring the one hammock instead! Bring a single hammock that’s twice as wide and strong and that way, you’ll be able to sleep two people (sometimes even more!) while still only carrying a single hammock.

It will take up less space than two singles, cost less, be quicker to set up and be much wider and stronger for potentially carrying more weight.

And for all these reasons, it makes a ton of sense to go for a double hammock rather than sticking with singles. But what’s more, is that a double hammock will give you the opportunity to enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation with another person.

And if that other person happens to be a significant other, then this can be a highly romantic experience!

Choosing The Best Double Hammock

So how do you go about creating the perfect evening in your double hammock?

Couple Sleeping in Double Camping Hammock

The first thing to do is to find yourself the best double hammock. This will be a double hammock that keeps you comfortable while at the same time being strong enough and sturdy enough that you can both rest in it.

But at the same time, the best double hammock might also feature a number of additional benefits. For instance, it is possible to find double hammocks that include pockets for storing various different items.

This can be very useful if you want to keep snacks or drinks to hand and that in turn can make it a more relaxing and enjoyable way to spend an evening as you’ll have those things to indulge in!

Another good feature to look for is a double hammock that has a mosquito net. There are few things that can ruin a romantic evening faster than a wasp or a bunch of mosquitos. This is especially important if you plan on enjoy a snack together as the sweet smell can risk attracting bugs.

Couple in Camping Double Hammock

You may also want to get a double hammock with a canopy to keep you dry during the night if it rains. Rain might not sound romantic but it can be when you’re hearing the patter of rain drops above you while you’re warm and dry underneath!

Otherwise, there are a few different basic types of hammock that you might want to select form.

One choice for instance is whether you want a hammock with a spreader bar or one without a spreader bar. A spreader bar is essentially a bar that runs across either end of the hammock and thereby keeps it flat. This is easier for relaxing in as it provides a firmer surface that doesn’t wrap around you and obscure your view of the surrounding area.

Couple Laying in Double Rope Hammock

However, a spreader bar also makes it much harder to sleep, as the hammock will be more likely to spin around and you’ll be able to roll off. This will be mitigated though if the hammock is contained in any way like a hammock tent as that way there will be walls to keep you sealed in.

Without a spreader bar meanwhile, you can sleep much more easily without risking falling, as the hammock will wrap around you. This is also the best double hammock for snuggling, as it will bring the two of you together in the middle.

Travelling Versus Double Hammocks At Home

What you’ll also need to decide is whether you want to use a double hammock stand or whether you want a double person hammock that you can take with you camping.

A double camping hammock will need to be able to compress into a small and light ball for easy transportation in a rucksack or other kind of bag and this will then allow you to create some really romantic evenings.

Couple in Double Hammock With Stand on Snow

For example, with a double camping hammock you can hang over a stream or river, or you can hang near a spectacular view. Imagine lying on your double hammock and looking up at the stars while sharing a bottle of wine. Or how about waking up in the morning together, unzipping your double camping hammock and looking at a beautiful stream beneath you!

With a double hammock stand meanwhile, you’ll be able to set up your hammock anywhere with no need for suitable anchor points. These can be a great addition to any garden or even interior décor and that means you can enjoy relaxing near all the comforts of home – whether that means drinks on tap or just having your own music outside.

It’s the perfect way to relax for an evening while still being able to retire to the bedroom when you’re ready for bed.

Woman Laying in Vivere Hammock With Stand

As you can see then, a double hammock can be an ideal choice for a romantic evening however you slice it. Decide which type of double hammock you think sounds the most appealing and then treat your partner to an evening they won’t forget. The best part? Once you have your own double hammocks, you can enjoy this as often as you like.

So be sure to check out our full double hammock reviews to find the model that’s right for you and check out our ultimate buyers’ guide to hammocks while you’re there!

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