Best Eagles Nest SingleNest Hammock Review


Eagles Nest SingleNest Hammock is certainly a cool name for any hammock and this is enough to make this a somewhat appealing prospect right off the bat. But when you look closer, you’ll find that this is much more than just a hammock with a cool name! Instead, this is actually one of the very best all-round hammocks on the market right now.

It’s still highly affordable but that slight hike in price versus many of the no-name brands will get you a far superior material for those who are serious about their hammock camping!

What Makes it Different

This is a great looking hammock that comes in a wide range of colors. You should easily be able to find something that matches your intended design!

Like most camping hammocks, this is a portable hammock that can be easily folded down into a compact form factor and stuffed into a small bag. This makes it ideal for bringing with you in a backpack or even a large pocket and overall, it’s a thoughtful and practical design.

The Eagles Nest is also a great hammock thanks to its numerous other advantages. It’s highly lightweight and portable, it’s incredibly robust and it’s made from a very comfortable and enjoyable material.

Features And Benefits of Eagles Nest SingleNest Hammock

That material is the main difference that stands out when looking at this hammock. It features 70 high tenacity breathable nylon taffeta and triple interlocking stitching. In plain English, this means that you can expect it to be very comfortable and to stay cool, rather than becoming sweaty and uncomfortable when used over extended periods.

It also means that this product isn’t going to tear easily or break. In fact, it is able to hold up to 400lbs. That’s very notable seeing as this is the amount that a lot of double hammocks can hold. So if you’re using it for one person, you can be absolutely certain it won’t break and that it’s going to have a long and healthy life!

In terms of dimensions, this hammock is 9’4’’ by 4’7’’, which gives you plenty of room for sleeping. When folded down though, it has a very small footprint at just 4’’x5’’. It also has a convenient carry strap.

This hammock also comes with handy aluminum wire gate carabiners and a nautical grade line for quickly and safely securing your hammock to any poles or trees.

Potential Drawbacks

Note that the suspension straps are sold separately, however. Keep this in mind when comparing prices and weights.


This is a very well made hammock and has an average of 5 stars across 740 customer reviews on Amazon. That’s a great testament to its durability, comfort, and practicality.

Who do we recommend Eagles Nest SingleNest Hammock for? Well, if you’re simply curious about hammocking and intend to do it as a one-off or just for a bit of fun, then you can make do with a cheaper option. For those who want a well-known brand that looks great and is made from higher quality fabric though, then this is an excellent choice.