Eagles Nest Outfitters Guardian Bug Net


There are lots of great things to love about hammocks but one of the best (Eagles Nest Outfitters) is the fact that they can easily be upgraded and altered to suit your basic needs.

Once you have bought a hammock – which is essentially a highly affordable piece of fabric that you pull between two anchor points – you can then customize it however you like. You might choose to get a bug net for instance in order to keep yourself safe from insects and mosquitos. Perhaps you want to stay warm and dry? In that case, you may want to add yourself a canopy of some sort and an under quilt.

Struggling to get in? Add a slit to the bottom of your hammock, or consider getting an adjustable ridgeline. You can then decide if you want to take your hammock hiking and camping (meaning you’ll need some tree straps and carabiners) or you’d rather just hang it around the home (which will require a hammock stand and some attachments).

What Makes it Different

So there are endless options. And in this case, we’re looking at using the Eagles Nest Guardian Bug Net from Eno. We’ve reviewed several products with the Eagles Nest branding and always been impressed, so how does this one stack up? Wishing you’d bought a hammock with a built-in bug net?

No problem! With this offering from Eno, you can simply encase any existing hammock within a large net and completely forget about mosquitos or any other bugs.

Features And Benefits of Eagles Nest Outfitters Guardian Bug Net

This product is made from 100% nylon and is very lightweight and easily transportable. What’s more, is that it can be rolled up into a tight package and placed in a bag – which is ideal for throwing into your rucksack. The Guardian bug net has handy dimensions of 4.5’’x4’’x3.5’’ when in this small form factor, while it will be more than large enough to fit over any hammock when expanded.

Better yet, the design ensures that there’s always some extra space – meaning that you can sit up and read a book without worrying about your head brushing against the top and making you uncomfortable.

Potential Drawbacks

Do be sure to check that this bug net will fit around your hammock – if yours is a double then there’s a chance it won’t, or that it won’t leave enough space.


All in all, this is a great bug net for any hammock that can easily fit over any sleeping arrangements you might have, protect you from bugs and simultaneously help to make your night’s sleep that much darker and that much more sheltered from the elements. It can even make it warmer!

The customer reviews are also great, with the product currently having an average of 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon, based on 230 ratings.

If you’re looking for a way to get a better night’s sleep in your hammock, to improve your health and to avoid nasty bites and potential illnesses that can come from them; then an Eagles Nest Outfitters Guardian Bug Net is a great addition to your setup. And this just so happens to be an excellent option for one of those – it comes with our full recommendation!